Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pretty Kute Update

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Another trip up to OHSU to see Owen's friend (and dietitian) Stacey. There's good news on the PKU front, and it's basically that he's handling things very well. His blood levels of PHE have been increasing at a slow and steady rate, so this is looking like things will be at least predictable. We'll start to get a feel for how much PHE he'll be able to handle, which will translate to how much table food he'll be able to have. The photo above shows the entrance into Dorenbecher and the fun stuff the kiddos get to see on the way in. They really try to make it an exciting place to visit.

There are fish tanks all over the floor that Owen's clinic is on. It's usually a big attraction, but Owen was lookin' at other things.

Another visit, another piece of fruit in the lobby. Remember the last one?

Owen got a new ride up in Portland. This rig is going to help get him out of doors a bit more, especially in places where a three-wheeled cart won't go. As you can see, he's pretty comfortable in there. This will be a VERY good thing. It's even got a little pack that zips off so Owen can pack some stuff when he gets big enough to walk part of the time.

And, here's the vitals: Owen is 14 pounds 7 ounces, 26.5 inches tall. Smile quotient of 135. 6 months old on Thursday.
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  1. Oh my gosh ... he is huge! What happened?? He's gotten so big but is just as cute as ever.