Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PKU update

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The first four months of PKU are going quite well. Owen's management plan seems to be working. He's been at the same level of formula for quite a while, and other than a few spikes of PHE levels, he's been very low. So, the plan is to keep doing what we're doing. The spikes are expected, and are usually associated with non-diet stresses.

So, here's the official numbers. 12 pounds, 14 ounces. 25 inches tall. And a cute factor of 11, out of a possible 10.

At the appointment, we talked a bit about the introduction of solid foods. At first, we get to use the normal rice cereal that any kiddo would get, and we get to see how that makes his PHE levels react. After we get a bit of an idea of how he responds to the natural food, we can then look at a no-pro rice cereal replacement. But, once solids start, we get to begin food weighing and PHE counting in earnest.

So, no solid foods yet. We're probably looking at the 6 month range for that... if not a little later. There's no real rush...

The strawberry? In the main lobby at Dorenbecher, there are large brass fruit statues that just beg for a baby photo. We'll try to get a new photo with each visit.
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  1. How much "non-diet stress" can a 4 mo. old have? :-)

  2. Well, there's getting 4 shots in a day, getting stuck in a car for 6 hours... which is tough on a guy who needs to move... there are the growth spurts where both bones and tummy hurts. And, I think that's the short list.