Monday, May 19, 2008

Our little man...

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This little guy is really beginning to be his own person. He's trying to communicate, and given enough room, he can oftentimes get to a place or a thing that he wants. It has been an amazing experience watching someone grow from blast-off to 6 months. Even with what could be considred a rough start from a few different perspectives.

So, just about 6 months ago, we were finding out about the whole PKU thing. Actually, 6 months ago to the day, we were probably in denial, thinking that the tests must be wrong. I remember finding a Web site that said most of the first positives were false positives. Looking back to that series of events, the extra blood tests, the waiting for phone calls... it all seems so distant.

So, the photo above is Owen the night before he goes in for his 6 month shots. So, in 6 months plus a couple of weeks, Owen has been to Portland several times, rolled all the way across the living room, tried lots of different kinds of foods, kept his blood PHE levels well within the treatment range, learned how to say 'ba ba ba' quite well (and he's proud of it), almost worn out two jumpers, been skiing, gave his first Mother's Day card, helped plant a garden and keep it watered, got his first taste of driving, went bowling, wrote a blog post, been out farming, learned to not cry during his blood tests, moved, partied, and partied, and recovered from his parties.

It's been a good 6 months. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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