Friday, May 23, 2008

PHE-ding time

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After work on Friday, dad got a chance to help with Owen's dinner time. He's really taken to the 'Born Free' sippy cups, which give him a way to drink that also allows him something to chew on. We're pretty sure Owen is in his last throes of being able to give a toothless grin.

The really interesting thing about Owen and his eating is how well he's maintaining his PHE levels. Actually, this can be attributed to the PHE team of Owen and mom. Normally, kids at this point would have elevating blood levels of PHE as they get bigger and experiment with solid food, but Owen's levels are staying right in the middle of the 'safe' zone, and actually dropping some weeks. Now... this doesn't mean he's growing out of anything or that the PKU is fading away. It's just a good sign that he and mom are managing this thing very well. The levels? Two weeks ago, 246. Last week? 195. Will the trend continue? Stay tuned!
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