Friday, January 11, 2008

A new diagnosis

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Owen had a doctor's appointment this week, and he was diagnosed with a new... something. The symptoms are a mouth wide open, and a funny repetitive noise coming out of the little guy's mouth. Yes folks, he has a serious case of the giggles.

Actually, it's worse than just the giggles. We had some belly tickling going on on the exam table, and he opened up with a full bodied belly laugh. What a wonderful sound!

It was short lived though. First, Doctor Amber had a stethoscope that must have been somewhere in the region of 4 degrees above absolute zero. Then she had a ophthalmoscope that was probably brighter than the sun. Well, there were the four shots, his first round of immunizations... but I'm pretty sure the real pain came from the stethoscope frostbite.

All in all, Owen is a very healthy little guy. Everything is checking out just fine, his PHE levels are very stable in the 'good' range, and he's laughing now... All is well.
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