Monday, January 28, 2008

Gr-Owen Update: Jan. 28

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We don't have much of an update for body size and weight, but it has been about a month since the last update. Owen's solidly over 11 pounds now, but the real growing has been happening with the PKU management.

We now do blood tests every week, at least for a while. Owen's PHE levels have been fairly low and the folks at OHSU seem to think that Owen only needs to submit a sample once a week instead of every 3 days. Owen appreciates the change of schedule quite a bit.

We're still on 8 ounces a day of formula, and he's still continuing to eat fairly well in genera. Enough to keep a boy growing, at least.

The other thing is that Mom and Dad are going to start learning how to count the PHE levels in the foods we eat. It will be a daily exercise when Owen begins to eat table food, so we will need to understand the practice before Owen decides to go solid. Mom and Dad even have a homework assignment that we've got to turn into the dietitians.
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