Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Hunting

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It was a grand day in the Pumpkin Patch! Despite the threat of showers, it was actually a good day to be looking for pumpkins. A bit muddy (the kids didn't mind), but not too cold or dreary. Bop was kind enough to drive the group and Owen was able to invite a few friends along. Of course, Sofie was there!

Audrey wasn't so sure about the whole pumpkin thing, but she was a good sport! The kids were dressed up as skeletons and Audrey even sported a darling little skull cap. Awww.....

Owen & Eli enjoyed themselves. Kids this age can make a drum out of anything. I think Owen was happy to have a fellow drumming fiend! They had a short but productive jam session.

This was part of the crew, out of the picture were the Kershner boys. It was really tough to get 5 little kids all huddled around for pictures. Owen was in the process of giving me, Mom, the evil look for having Audrey on his lap. She is no light-weight! Overall a fun day and we will be looking forward to going out with the group again next year.
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