Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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It was Dorenbecher time again to go see Stacey and her Crew at the CDRC. Owen, being 18 months old now, is old enough for a up-and-back-in-one-heckuva-day trip instead of an overnighter.

First things first, we had to stop off in the lobby to use the free Wi-Fi to check Owen's e(lmo)-mail. (Dad did some checking too...)

Owen really likes the lobby up in the clinic. They do an amazing job keeping things fun and interesting - in the lobby. The rooms are pretty business oriented, though. Owen likes the lobby.

The visit was really good. Owen is now gaining weight and his height and other measurements took just a slight dip in the growth trend. we're narrowing in on 19 pounds, at which time we'll be planning for Owen's 20 pound party. Other than focusing a bit on some solid food eating, we're in business as usual up until the moment when Owen's world collapses into the abyss of being a big brother to a newborn. (Three months left, Owen... Three.)
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