Thursday, February 12, 2009

Return of the SKETTY Monster!

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We're back! That's right... we finally whooped whatever virus Owen had and now we're full throttle into eating. And, what is the best meal for returning to a regular kid diet? That's right! SKETTI!

During the past month, Owen actually learned how to use a fork. Almost. His technique is still a bit raw, but he's getting there. Tonight was the first night Owen transported food from plate to mouth without any help. We weren't lucky enough to capture that on camera, but we did get some good photos to share.

So, now we enter "Mission WeightGain." Owen has some ground to make up... and we intend to take this mission head on.
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  1. Uhhhh... Owen? You've got a teeny little spot of food in the vicinity of your entire facial area.....