Sunday, January 25, 2009

We made it through...

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Well, we made it through Owen's first illness. Boy oh boy, did he get sick. Two Wednesdays ago, Owen showed some stomach problems. By Friday, Andrea and Mimi took Owen to the emergency room for some fluids via IV. At this point, he hadn't really had anything since Wednesday. Saturday showed a touch of improvement, then he slid back downhill until he hit the pit of his illness on Monday, when we headed back to the ER. This time, after the second IV, we had a plan in place and by Wednesday (one week in with barely any food and hardly any liquid.) we were turning around a touch. It's now Saturday and Owen is back to his normal rambunctious self.

We learned a lot from this. First off, Owen can get really sick, really fast. And, second... we now have some neat tricks up our sleeves to help keep Owen energized with proper nutrition even when he can't take his normal Phenex formula.

The photo above is Owen waiting with his mom for IV #2. At this point he was really not feeling well, and now we know why.

But, we're all past this. (Dad, Mimi and Gramps got the crud too) and we're all enjoying a little guy with vibrant eyes and energy... even if it means we've got to spend more time chasing him around again.
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