Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One year ago today was Owen's first visit up to Dorenbecher where he was diagnosed with PKU. In that one year, we've gone through 12 teeth coming in, cases and cases of Phenex 1 formula, several different diet plans, many trips up to the clinic, hunger strikes, and a parental education that was truly unique. But, look at Owen. He is so healthy. So smart. So agile. So entertaining. So loving. And, extremely wonderful all around. So, Owen and his mom and dad are extremely thankful that we live in a place and time where PKU is not a life sentence but rather a shift in thinking. We're thankful that Owen was able to spend his first 'eating' Thanksgiving trying stuffing and potatoes, made specially for him by his mom. We had a wonderful time at Aunt Karen's house celebrating with family.
Karen's house also has some great soft carpet, perfect for running.

Owen and Uncle Griff got in a great game of Guernsey Cow.

And, Owen was completely willing to ham things up, beyond any reasonable doubt.
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  1. Thanks for writing this Evan. I'm really happy to know such a great little person like Owen and proud of you and Andrea for being such amazing parents!