Thursday, July 17, 2008


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Owen's first box of low-protein goodness arrived today. Owen's on a new plan for food includes a decent bit of low-protein or PHE-free foods, so we can bump up his calories without needing to worry about too much PHE.
Pasta was on tonight's menu... a first for Little O. The previous adjustments for Owen were geared towards 'challenging' his system to see how he'd react to a bit more protein. We've taken a bit of a diversion now to try and pack on some pounds. His formula was increased by a LOT to supplement calories and protein. We're hoping, once he gets used to the different assortment of foods, that he'll start to bulk up. Like dad... er... well... bulk up. Like Gwiff.
"Oishii. Pasta suki!" says Owen, drawing from his Japanese roots. He's really starting to make his way towards being a toddler. Mobility and accomplishing 'things' seem to be his focus.
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  1. That's not bulk. I'm just big boned.