Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A day on the town...

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Whew... what a day!

We started the day with a train ride out to Ikea. Wow... now that's a retail experience like no other! They had some ideas out there to help us start planning Owen's "shift" in sleeping arrangements in the future.

Next was lunch at the Red Robin. Owen spends as much time flirting with other people as he does eating... but he still got in a good meal. He's really eating a lot of regular baby foods... more on that later.

We then headed out for OHSU. Since we were using public transit all day, we took the MAX from the airport (that's where Ikea is) all the way to the streetcar change, which took us to the OHSU commons, where the cable car heads up the hill. We traveled all the way across Portland, and the only rubber tires we used were Owen's jogger.

On the way home from the visit with Stacey and everyone else at OHSU, we were feeling pretty good. A little bit of celebrating in the fountain by the Lloyd Center was well warranted.

Basically, at the visit, both Stacey and the physician who oversees the Owen's care said that his type of PKU was seeming to allow him more PHE than most cases. It doesn't mean that it's going away, but they're thinking that he will have a fairly high tolerance to lots of low protein table foods. They actually want us to give Owen as much table foods as he'll eat, as long as they're rice cereal, veggies or fruits. They want to test him and see if he will react to more protein, and maybe will develop an appetite that might help him bulk up a bit. He's still growing nice and tall, but he's pretty skinny like his dad. (2 feet 3, and 15 pounds, 5 ounces)

Anyway, it was a great visit. We're going to have fun introducing Owen to some more foods that we might have otherwise avoided because of their high PHE content. The next several blood tests will be very interesting, and we'll be eagerly awaiting the results... but, until then...

And, we hope the no holds barred on food quantities might get this guy sleeping through the night...

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