Friday, February 8, 2008

One Quarter

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Today, Owen is exactly three months old. So, at this point he is: Laughing... sometimes histerically, rolling front to back and back to front, sitting up with a little bit of pillow-wedging help, bouncing in his jumper swing, singing to his mom after he eats, and eating tons. We think he's in the spurt of all growth spurts. I'd give a weight, but we don't have a clue where he's at. He's got to wait another month before he goes in for his second set of shots, and he won't visit the metabolic clinic at OHSU until after that visit. But, in all reality... that's OK. We care more what he's doing, not how big he is...

Happy 3 months, Owen!

Also, Owen has a new Friend. One of Dad's biking buddies just had another little one. So, if you hear Owen talk about his friend Corbin... you'll know the connection. Congrats Scott and Kim!
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