Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hold your head up!

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The tummy-time has been paying off. Owen is holding his head up enough on his own to use the BabyBjorn carrier without the neck support. Not only does he get a much better view of the world, but the photo opportunities skyrocket! Rock that BabyBjorn, Owen. Rock it!
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  1. Evan, how do you successfully execute tummy-time without Owen screaming his head off?! Any tips/suggestions are welcome. ;)

  2. Well, we started him out on Dad's chest at a slight recline and then worked down to full lay down... then on to the Boppy pillow to give him something other than flat surfaces to lay on. But, in general, Owen is just very willing to participate in such activities.

  3. Thanks, Evan! Great suggestions. Happy holidays to you, Andrea, and little Owen ... ;)