Friday, November 16, 2007

OWEN-TECH: The itzbeen

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Owen was born into a gadget family. This is one that we've found quite helpful. The Itzbeen is a four line count-up timer with settable alarms. So... we never have to guess how long it's been (itzbeen... get it?) since the last feeding or diaper change. It is just a touch of piece of mind... really. And, let's say we don't want to go down the road of Owen sleeping too long at night and getting uber-hungry? Well, we've got the bottle button set to beep if it reaches 4 hours. Now, that helps keep Owen happy.

Maybe we need an adult version of this. Instead of diaper, bottle, zzzzz, and the * wild card, maybe it would be: Coffee, Junk Food, zzzzzz, and then the * button would actually count down to the end of the work day.
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